Digital Strategy 

Digital Strategy is all about making the most of your business and services through digital channels and digital solutions. We will therefore let your aspirations and your potential guide us while we:

  • Analyse your current state, your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • Identify your target groups needs and desires as we map their customer/decision/conversion journeys
  • Develop personas that will define and refine your offers in relation to the needs and driving forces of your target groups
  • Map and align your business goals so that they, in the most efficient way, meet your customers/clients/users needs
  • Develop the strategy that will lead you to your goals
  • Develop concepts and solutions that are optimized to meet the needs and prerequisites for everyone and everything involved on your way to success
  • Make the plan for actions and initiatives that will lead way
  • Set metrics for measuring, monitoring and follow ups for continuous improvement 

Digtal Transformation

Digital transformation is all about making the most of business and services by transforming your former analog offers to efficient digital solutions that meets the market's needs and expectations. If you manage to exceed needs and expectations you might even create innovations!

Transformation can be tricky, as we have a tendency to resist change.

We will help you through the process - the technical and communicational challenges and adjustments - on your way from analog and/or semi digital offers to fully digitalized offerings in such a way that you will not drop or loose your potential on the way.

Well planned and anchored transformation will facilitate a smooth and sustainable process.

To pawe the way, we can help you with internal and external implementation so that your transformation process is transparent and aligned with your current business and processes.

We do this by helping you with:

  • Prioritizing activities and plans of action
  • Planning and implementation through activities such as workshops and round tables, where co workers, partners, customers and clients etc. become involved in your process
  • Planning and execution of internal and external communication, so that your transformation is well anchored and easy to follow

Service Design & Co-Creation 

To meet the demands and expectations from both markets and customers you need to find your position in the fast moving digital era. Today, more than ever before, the customer is the centre for service development and innovation.

Companies and organisations have to deliver high value solutions, where goods and services are combined into attractive concepts and competitive offerings. To do so, new ways to collaborate, both between and across industries, across disciplines of knowledge and research as well as with public bodies and users, is a necessity.

At State of Concept we know how to make it happen. We use established methods for business model generation, design thinking, value co-creation and customer centric logic that will help you find added value offerings.

So for you who are eager to find new ways to involve customers and/or partners, competitors and other stakeholders to create high value services, we can support you with:

  • Defining target groups and stakeholders that can become part of your process
  • Identify customer journeys and other touch points, where your customers/clients/users and other stakeholders can help you identify room for improvement and bottlenecks that might be in the way for your development
  • Facilitate customer involvement activities, document results and create plans for action
  • Find Customer Centric Metrics and KPI’s that will help you follow up and improve 

Concept Development

We generate ideas and concepts that will make your service and/or products stand out in the crowd. When doing so nothing will be left to chance, as we certain that every concept is aligned with your long term strategy.

We combine analytics and strategic planning with smart and creative ideas that will boost your brand and make your products and services spark.

We make sure that your offers are optimized in such a way that they meet your clients/customers/users expectations as well as your business goals.

We do this by helping you:

  • Identify customer/clients/users needs, desires and expectations
  • Visualize and create prototypes and concepts
  • With User Experience by prototyping and testing
  • Implement and spread the word (PR and Market Communication)
  • Make plans for Performance Management and Follow Ups 

External and internal communication strategies and concepts 

Communication is an essential part of every transformation or development process. When everyone that needs to be involved understand what, why, when and how things are coming about the process runs smoother in all phases from defining the problem and setting the goals to action and implementation.

At State of Concept we have solid experience from communication strategy, market communication, PR and Public Affairs. Our sister firm Respectfully Yours can help you with:

  • Branding and Digital Brand Development
  • Content Marketing and Storytelling
  • Targeted Communication Concepts (Marketing, PR and Public Affairs)
  • Employer Branding